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fennelpollen 28.jpeg
  • Hand dived Scallops with Dill Pollen beurre noisette

  • Home Cured Dill Gravadlax

  • Dark Chocolate Fennel Pollen Truffles

  • Wild Dill Pollen Tuna Carpacio

  • Fennel Venison Salami

  • Poached Cornish Hake, chilli, crab and Dill

  • Chocolate & fennel Tort

  • Dill Choux pastry filled with salmon, crayfish & caper mousse

  • Smoked Duck & Fennel Ham

  • Baked Sea Bass with a Breaded-Walnut & Fennel Crust

  • Wild Fennel Venison Carpaccio

  • Crayfish and Dill Pollen Risotto (Somerset Spelt Risotto)

  • Tuscan style Pork Belly with Fennel Pollen

  • Fennel Butter

  • Sea Bass with Fennel emulsion

  • Fennel & Rosemary Breadsticks

  • Skate wings with a gentle Dill sauce

  • Dill Butter

  • Dill or Fennel Thai Crab Cakes

  • Dill Pollen & Caper Sauce

  • Fennel Biscotti

  •  Green Lipped Mussels & Fennel Pollen Crumb

  • Dill & Cucumber Salsa

  • Ham Hock Terrine with Wild Fennel, Orange & Cranberry Preserve

  • Whisky cask Stout & Wild Fennel Pollen Soda Bread

  • Fennel Duck Salami

  • Wild Dill Pollen salt

  • Rosetted Lamb & Fennel pollen Burger

  • Wild Fennel Pollen salt

  • Salted Caramel & Fennel Pollen tartlette

The Wild Fennel & Wild Dill Pollens have the versatility to complement so many dishes.... The only limit..... is our imagination !!

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