Global Harvest Product Development & Tasting

At Wellocks food tastings are welcomed in the development kitchen – it not only gives us the opportunity to taste and sample great produce, but is a perfect opportunity to get to know a product and gather essential tasting notes.

When David Mason, creator and founder of Global Harvest came to visit, bringing with him two brand new recipes and samples still in development stage, we were delighted to get involved with the product development of his fruit conserves. Tasting a product straight from development is an absolute must, and I think he will agree that feedback is essential for decision making.

Getting everybody involved in tasting sessions means we can all get on board to showcase a product and get the correct flavours into kitchens. Understanding a product is far more than just tasting a spoonful – it’s learning the ingredients, the texture, the smell and crucially the correct food pairing.

Global Harvest conserves are perfect ingredients in the way that they come in a variety of fruit flavourings including: fig, quince, damson plum, caramelised apple, pear and bitter orange. They are unique in that the texture is soft to medium-set and smooth without pith or any granular texture – meaning chefs can prepare segments in advance.

The most popular pairing is undoubtedly cheese; the conserves make an excellent accompaniment to cheese boards. What makes this product diverse is that they too make perfect sweet pairings – the bitter sweet orange is an absolute highlight with chocolate.

Global Harvest also supply us with some ingredients from around the world – including Truffle Acacia honey and Fennel and Dill pollen. These are much more niche and product specified, but impeccable not only in taste, but also concept.

Development chef Leigh, created a rich chocolate pudding infused with fennel pollen, served with the bitter sweet orange conserve – giving us a true chocolate orange indulgence.

Similarly, we sampled Truffle Acacia honey, which made the perfect accompaniment to a soft goat’s cheese. Truffle Acacia honey is unique in the way it is infused and made with truffles infused into the honey.

Global Harvest have been awarded consistent Gold Star Wins at the Great Taste Awards and continue to expand the product range. We’re definitely on board to expand our taste buds!


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